The Powder Foundation that will Make you Do a Double Take

 We've all been there. You're out and about, running errands or maybe on your way to grab drinks with friends when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a store window. And that's when you see it: a huge zit, right on the tip of your nose. Or maybe your forehead is shining central and your concealer just won't cut it. If only you had thought to bring along your powder foundation... But alas, we can't be perfect every day. Or can we?

Enter Duo, the powder foundation that comes in a handy compact so you can touch it up on the go. Made with natural ingredients like kaolin clay and rice powder, Duo will absorb excess oil and leave your skin looking matte and poreless. Plus, it comes in 12 different shades so you're sure to find a perfect match for your skin tone. And did we mention that it has SPF 15? So not only will Duo make you look good, it will also protect you from the sun's harmful rays. So whether you're trying to get rid of shine or cover up a blemish, Duo has got you covered!

How to Use Duo Powder Foundation
Duo powder foundation can be applied either wet or dry, depending on the amount of coverage you desire. For lighter coverage, apply Duo with a dry sponge or brush. For medium to full coverage, apply Duo wet with a damp sponge or brush. If you find that your sponge or brush is absorbing too much product, mist it with water before continuing. When applying makeup wet, always start by tapping off any excess water before applying to your face so that your foundation doesn't end up too sheer or runny. duo can also be used as a setting powder for those who prefer a dewy finish; simply apply lightly all over your face after completing your makeup routine.

Duo is also available in two different formulas: one for normal to oily skin and one for normal to dry skin. If you're not sure which formula is right for you, no worries! The experts at Ryize can help you figure out which type of Duo is best suited for your skin type and colour match you with the perfect shade.

No matter what your skin type—oily, dry, sensitive, combo—Duo has got you covered (literally). So next time you find yourself doing a double take in the mirror, don't despair! Pull out your trusty compact and give yourself a quick touch-up with Duo powder foundation. You'll be looking flawless in no time!

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