Meet our Founder, Brandi Guindon

Brandi has always dreamed of building her own brand that repressents more then just a logo. But with a story how to overcome incredible challenges thought life altering choices.

She is a mother of 3 beautiful children and loving husband providing her with the foundation to realize her mission.

She'a always believed that woman could and should strive for career heights on their own terms and creating high-qualitly products motivated by a powerful message was one of her signature ways of navigating the tricky terrain of advancing in a male-dominated profession.

She has navigated the complexities of marriage, kids, life and career she was diagnosed with several neurological disorters making it near impossible to acheive her goals. From enduring countless uncontrollable seizures, severe anaphylaxis allergies, to complete paralyisis ... her vision truly blossomed into "Ryize" pronounced Rise.

Brandi dreamed of creating a beloved brand that cared about how people felt starting from the inside and then moving outward. She thought it appeared to be a subtle difference but it made all the difference in the world to ambitious people whose ambitions could be ignited by simply changing the way you think.

Together with her vision, embodying Ryize can bridge the gap between "falling down" and being "reborn" with purpose, motivation, and the uncontrolable desire to be the best verion of yourself.




Tayler Wilson

Thanks to Ryize, my girlfriend is ALWAYS happy when she recieves a new product from you.


Lucy Schmitt

I love how your store is up and running with all the new make-up trends. Makes my shopping so easy.


Anita Grydrai

As a fashion consultant, Ryize makes it affordable for my clients to stay on budget with their make-up and look amazing.